How To: Eat sushi at a restaurant

Eat sushi at a restaurant

Sushi is one of the fastest-growing cuisines across the globe. To become a true citizen of the world, prepare yourself with this primer on sushi-eating rituals. Watch this how to video to learn how to properly eat sushi.

Here are a few tips to remember when eating sushi:

If you don't know how to use chopsticks, don't try to eat sashimi—it is considered incredibly uncouth to use a fork. Sushi aficionados believe you should only use wasabi for sashimi—never for nigiri sushi or maki rolls, since the chef has already used the precise amount of wasabi necessary to enhance the sushi's flavor. It's customary for the most senior person at the table—the boss, or the eldest person—to raise their saki glass the highest. Although expensive sakes are often better enjoyed chilled, sake with sushi is traditionally served warm, since the fish will be cold.

You Will Need
* Sake
* A sake carafe and cups
* Cold Japanese beer, or warm green tea
* Chopsticks
* A dinner plate or platter
* Small condiment dish
* Soy sauce
* Prepared wasabi
* At least 2 pieces of sashimi
* At least 2 pieces of nigiri sushi
* At least 6 pieces of maki roll
* Pickled ginger slices

How to eat sushi:

Step 1: Choose a good restaurant
Step 2: Wash your hands
Step 3: Order sake
Step 4: Toast
Step 5: Switch drink
Step 6: Prepare chopsticks
Step 7: Finish
Step 8: Pour soy sauce
Step 9: Add wasabi
Step 10: Continue alternating
Step 11: Begin with sashimi
Step 12: Eat ginger
Step 13: Continue alternating
Step 14: Refill soy sauce
Step 15: Eat sushi

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