How To: Your Ultimate Sushi Guide

Your Ultimate Sushi Guide

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Why do you tempt me with this? I can't eat it!!

The hell is that Awabi thing. Looks kinda...strange.

ya. looks like something... unmentionable

You just have to close your eyes when you *eat* it and think "as long as it makes her happy" over and over.

Oh wow...there is something SOOOO Freudian about the Abalone/awabi *lmao*! It just goes without saying *lmao*

I am a sushi slut *lol*. I have to have some at least once a month, no matter how broke I am, I always find the money. If I can't buy it, I've learned to make it. It's NOT that complicated. I'd watch the sushi chefs during the times I would go to sushi bars and I've learned to make it myself. Which, BTW, saves a TON of money. Especially if you have an asian grocery which sells the sashimi cuts. It takes surprisingly little fish to make rolls, in fact, using too much fish'll mess it up *lol*. I'm very simple to please, I go for simple & traditional. Fish, veggies, rice and nori. You can KEEP your California rolls *lol* and ferchristsakes, LEAVE MAYO OUT!!! I hate it when sushi bars RUIN the fresh, clean, simple flavors with mayo, teriyaki sauce and tempura!!! Ech!

Keep the Awabi. I've got all the "awabi" I can handle, and mine probably smells way better too *lmao* X.D

If you are a Sl*T and you eat it once a month, what am I for eating it everyday (at home)

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