How To: Make nori (seaweed) crisps with Mark Bittman

Make nori (seaweed) crisps with Mark Bittman

Nori is the Japanese term for seaweed, in particular the pressed and salted kind that you can find at most Asian supermarkets. Many nori fans eat the stuff as they would chips, since nori is slightly crunchy, slightly salty, and quite addicting. But nori is exponentially healthier than your typical Lay's salt and vinegar chips.

So if you're currently PMSing and feel like you're going to punch someone in the face unless you get some salt in your system FAST, then try these nori crisps.

Chef Mark Bittman of The Minimalist will guide you through how to make these delicious and healthy snacks in a snap. All you need is nori, salt, and water. Brush the nori with some water, sprinkle with salt, and you'll have delectable treats!

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