How To: Make a Valentine Sushi Roll

Make a Valentine Sushi Roll

In this video, we're instructed in the art of a Valentine sushi roll, a perfect little gift that's easy to prepare, and sweet even in non-Valentine's Day circumstances.

With the main mix including crab, tobiko, tempura, and mayo, stirred together, we then add the rice of course. Applying 5 thin sliced nigiri tuna slices over top this, on our sushi roller, we create a half heart shape, twice, and then join the two together, for our intended theme dish. You may then garnish as you choose, with lettuce and sauces being recommended.


Wow this is amazing! Thank you for the Valentine's tutorial. We were going to eat out for Valentine's day at our favorite restaurant, but I made this instead to surprise him!

Yess this was exactly what I was looking for. Such an amazingly detailed tutorial, very easy to follow even for a beginner (like me). I prefer vegetarian sushi for the most part, as they tend to taste "softer" and take a lot less time to cook. But this one looks and tastes so good that I had to find a recipe haha. Something similar I tried for the first time while we were on a trip to northern Europe, there is a great place called They have many unique sushi recipes there. But this recipe is something special, highly recommend everyone trying it out. I love how the taste is so gentle and soft, its just perfect. And it looks exotic, you wont need any additional decorations to make your dinner wonderful.

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