How To: Eat Sushi the Way the Japanese Do

Eat Sushi the Way the Japanese Do

The last time you ate sushi, how exactly did you eat it? Did you hold the piece of sushi between your chopsticks and then dip it in a concoction of soy sauce and wasabi? We know lots of Americanized Japanese restaurants serve their sushi this way these days, but all of this is wrong.

In Japan, sushi is eaten at the sushi bar and chopsticks aren't used (good sushi falls apart if you use chopsticks). Good sushi should be loose and is meant for picking up with your fingers.

Trevor Corson has a one-of-a-kind job: He's a sushi concierge. As a result, he knows a lot about what people do right and wrong when eating sushi.

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Lot of good information with Begin Japanology too on Sushi! Oishii!

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