How To: Make a New York sushi roll

Make a New York sushi roll

This video explains how to make a New York roll. First of all spread rice onto the half sheet of nori and spread the toasted sesame seeds. Then add nigir slices of salmon belly, two pieces of Yellow Thailand, two pieces of seared sesame tuna. Then use a frying pan with oil to sear all four sides and then add sesame seeds on each side. Roll it up and tap each ends after that apply a thick layer of tempura flakes on the top of the roll and then roll the roll with a plastic wrap over it. To mold it place the roll on a bamboo wrap and apply a slight pressure into it. Then apply thin layer of masago across the roll. After apply it, reapply the plastic and bamboo mat over it. Apply a slight pressure on it and cut the roll into equal pieces. Put it onto a plate in vertical order. Then garnish it with ginger, wasabi and carrot. Now the roll is ready to serve. This video will a clear picture of making the New York roll.

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