How To: Make a spider sushi roll

Make a spider sushi roll

This video explains how to make a spider roll. First, spread the rice for the spider roll. Make sure that the top and bottom edges have a thickness of 1/8 inches without rice, so that it won't squash it out when rolling. Then add some toasted sesame seeds. Place the rice patty vertical, with top edges empty, and place the deep fried soft shell crab into it. The claws and legs should be outside of it. Put some crab sticks, avocado and some cucumbers onto it and roll with leaf lettuce so that it will fix on it. After that, add some tobiko, aka flying fish eggs. Then mold it with sushi mat and cut into five pieces and arrange on a plate. The arranged roll is garnished with carrot, lettuce, ginger and wasabi. Drizzle some eel sauce into it. The spider sushi roll is now ready to serve. This video gives a clear idea of making the roll.

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