How To: Make sushi like a master

Make sushi like a master

This video is about making sushi.

Ingredients: rice, sushi vinegar, filling, nori and bamboo mat.

After cooking the rice, add vinegar for flavor. Cool rice. Cut nori skin in half. Place the nori, smooth side down, on a bamboo sushi mat, leaving a gap of 5 mm from the lower edge. Add a 1 cm thick layer of rice on the nori. Leave a gap of 1-2 cm at the top of the nori. Spread wasabi down the middle of the rice. Place a strip of filling on the rice at the bottom of the nori sheet. Press evenly and roll using the bamboo mat. Cut the roll into 6 equal sized pieces. The dip is naturally brewed sushi and sashimi soy sauce. Itadakimasu-I start to eat.

Viewer has learned to make sushi.

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